Re-Entry Program

The Reintegration (Re-Entry) Program serves Cherokee Nation citizens that have recently been released from incarceration within the past three months and assists them with employment and vocational services. Participants of this program must not have a hold, warrant or pending charge.
Services provided by the Re-Entry program are on a case by case basis and may include assistance with employment, training, education, housing, and clothing.

Documents needed for services:
- CDIB (Certificate Degree of Indian Blood)
- Citizenship Card
- Proof of Identification
- Social Security Card
- Proof of Residency
- Other documents may be required based on a particular program of service

Eligibility for Services:
- Must be released from prison within the past three months
- Reside within fourteen continuous counties
- Must be a Cherokee Tribal Citizen
- Must not have a hold, warrant, or pending charge
- Submit to random drug testing
- Must follow through with all referrals made to other programs (i.e. Behavioral Health, Human Services, etc.)

For more information contact Daryl Legg, Director of Economic Development/ Re-Entry at 918-207-3832, Lyndon Smith Job/Business Development Coordinator at 918-453-7108, or Brian Vance, Job/Business Development Coordinator at 918-772-4027.

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